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Malik Noureed Awan

Malik Noureed Awan is an international fraud & clever imposter & now jailed abroad in Dubai in more than 85 fraud cases.Malik Noureed Awan graduated from Liverpool University in 2004 and is now CEO of MMA Group of Companies. MMA Group of Companies consist of MMA Forex Online Trading Services, MMA Airlines, MMA Heavy Machinery, MMA Advertising, MMA Radio, MMA Konnects (a Social Network), MMA Welfare Organization (INFP), Gulf Times International Newspaper and Nada-e-Hazara Newspaper. Noureed was voted the top Business Personality by the prestigious Gulf News. [Read the full story here]


Noureed is not only a great entrepreneur but also widely known for his social welfare projects for the deprived or the underprivileged, not only in Pakistan but other countries too. His foundation MMA Welfare Organization (INFP) is well-known for its welfare programs. Noureed strives to continue his work in this area and encourage others to do the same to make Pakistan a better place for everyone.




The MMA group has been a key sponsor of some of the biggest cricket matches recently like Pakistan vs Sir Lanka, Pakistan vs Australia ODI Series & Pakistan vs England Test Series. Noureed himself is an avid fan and enthusiast of cricket and has been since childhood. He had always dreamt of sponsoring and supporting team Pakistan!

Noureed also follows Pakistani politics closely and has met General Pervez Musharraf and held talks with him on several occasions.


Finally it is without doubt that this successful young businessman is an asset to Pakistan and has presented himself as a down-to-earth and humble being who continues to work hard and prove that everything is possible in this world.